Career Facts

  • The medical profession is among the most lucrative professions in the
    United States and 7 out of the top 10 were in the medical field.
  • If you’re willing to attend plenty of school, work LOTS of hours,
    and safeguard people’s health, computers, or money, the only limit to your earning potential is you.

Statistics: Top Highest Paying Careers in the U.S.

Profession Hourly Rate Yearly Rate
1. Surgeons $65.89/hr $137,050/yr
2. Obstetricians and gynecologists $64.15/hr $133,430/yr
3. Anesthesiologists $63.31/hr $131,680/yr
4. Internists, general $61.03/hr $126,940/yr
5. Pediatricians, general $56.03/hr $116,550/yr

Source: Monster Article


Degree Programs


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