Last updated at July 18, 2021

The person who works in a restaurant and is responsible for cleaning dishes, setting dining tables, refilling water, and assisting servers is known as a busser. A busser spends most of their time in the kitchen bringing back dishes and cleaning them. They also spend time in the dining room setting up and breaking down tables for each shift and maintaining the service station in a clean and orderly manner.  

Where Does a Busser Work?

Most bussers are found working in restaurants and hotels. Bussers are needed in the restaurant and hotels just to lighten up the load of the wait staff, which is usually very busy taking orders from customers, processing bill payments, checking on food, and bringing plates to each table on time.

What’s It Like Being a Busser?

Bussers spend most of their time standing. Bussers have to clear dirty dishes and use trays or tubs to do so. Basically, the dress code for the busser is the black apron over the white shirt. Mainly the busser takes care of all the cleaning duty in a restaurant.

What Are the Requirements to be a Busser?

The restaurant owners or staff generally prepare these busser employees and give them training according to the need in the restaurant. To be a busser earn your high school diploma or take a GED exam, high school diploma is not necessary for a busser job but it is preferred.

To be a busser you must have to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness and be sure that you are able to fulfill the physical requirements of bussers as they have to carry heavy trays or tubs for long shifts. A busser must understand the dining room service procedures of the restaurants.

Skills required for these bussers:

  • To be a good busser one must be well trained in setting and cleaning the tables.
  • They must understand the dining room service procedure of the restaurant
  • They must be able to handle the pressure and work calmly.
  • They must have a good communication skills in case they had to interact with the customers
  • Must be able to hear with 100% accuracy with correction
  • A busser should be able to complete his duties quickly

What are the Job Prospects?

With more and more job restaurants emerging, there are lots of places for a busser to find the jobs. Bussers having good communication skills and the ability to work hard may get a job in high-standard restaurants and can be paid very well from salary plus tips from the server staff.

The growth opportunity as a busser is quite good since they can become servers in the restaurants where they work. In this role, they can earn more pay from tips.

Demand for bussers is increasing day by day. So to start a hospitality career as a busser is not a bad choice if you are not highly qualified. Growth in this profession depends on the busser abilities and skills. The busser employee who has an excellent way of interacting with customers and staff can make their worth in restaurant.

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