A person who maintains the apartment building or a hotel and takes care of the guests with duties like fulfilling their needs, demands, and requests is a concierge. The concierge is the person who monitors all the comings and goings. The concierge often becomes the face of the buildings or hotels as they had to take care of all the guest’s needs and requests.

The Concierge job Description would help you to understand the requirements for getting into this field of work. Most of the concierges would be found working in apartment buildings or in hotels. Concierge is needed in apartment buildings or hotels to monitor all comings and goings and to take care of all the guest needs and requests and make sure that each guest has a memorable stay.

The hotel takes care of the daily customer service operation. The concierge is expected to be an expert in his area as guests may have many questions to know about the surroundings and the places which are very famous there. So concierge must have knowledge of the area.

Essential requirements 

Most of the apartment buildings or a hotel generally prepare these concierge employees and give them training according to the need in the apartment building or in hotels. To be a concierge one should have a bachelor’s degree in hotel management with excellent communication skills. A high school degree with a combination of hotel management and hospitality services is needed for a concierge job. Some basic training in this field is also important. To be a good concierge one must have good communication skills and must have good interacting skills with customers. The concierge must have full knowledge of surrounding areas, entertainment venues which in turn gives a good impact on customers.


  • To be a good concierge one must have interpersonal and communication skills.
  • They must have the capability to work hard.
  • They must have the ability to interact with a customer in an efficient way just to make sure that customer has a memorable stay.
  • Must be able to hear the needs and request of the customers with 100% accuracy with correction.
  • Must be self organized and problem solver.

Job Prospects

With more and more apartment buildings and hotels emerging, there are lots of opportunities for concierges to find relevant jobs. Concierges having good communication skills and the ability to work hard may get jobs in high standard apartment buildings or in hotels and can get good pay.  The demand for concierges is expected to grow more in the few coming years. So to make a carrier as a concierge is not a bad choice if you are not highly qualified. The chance of growth in this profession is not very much and totally depends on the abilities and skills of the concierge.

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