Church Administrator

A Church Administrator is responsible for various works in the church which include financial, personal, property management as well as oversight of the church office. The church administrator manages the business affairs of the church with the help of the members of the church organization and church staff.

They also perform some administrative works assigned by the church organization and other duties like paying taxes and preparing minutes for meetings, helping plan and coordinate leadership meetings, etc.

Church Administrator Job Description


  • To become a church administrator, a bachelors of science is in church administration and leadership degree program is best for you.
  • Online bachelor’s degree is also available. In this students will also complete one major project, which is meant to focus on the development of leadership values within a Christian church.
  • In this degree, students will work to investigate the organizational problems.

Skills Required

The basic skills which are required to become a Church Administrator are:

  • They should have leadership qualities so that they can directly supervise the staff and provide assistance to other volunteers in the church.
  • They should be polite and good in accounts and management.
  • Skills to handle a team under his direction to provide support, encouragement, training and accountability.
  • They should have good communication skills so that they can express their views in front of others.
  • They should manipulate their skills for the old people visiting church.
  • They should be motivating and spiritual too.

Professional Growth

What are the job prospects for a Church Administrator?

Starting your career as a church administrator will give you enough experience in managing various things. The scope in this field is high. The income of the church Administrator varies depending upon the number of clients. The annual income varies from $35,900 to $65,000.

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