Chief of Staff

Job description

Chief Of Staff is a title that is used to identify the leader of a complex organization, body of persons or institutions. In some cases it is used to identify the main coordinator of the supporting staff to an important individual. Being that the Chief of Staff serves as a member of senior management. They provide important and strategic formulation. This strategy formulation is responsible for the operation of the organization being that the Chief of Staff ultimately provides, risk and cost management, which plays an essential role to any organization failure or success.


Being that the Chief of Staff typically supports the CEO in all matters directly, the job description of a Chief of Staff may entail:

  • The planning and directing of all financial, administrative, and operational activities for the CEO, board of directors, and president of the organization.
  • Playing an important role in the overview and guidance on projects that are of the utmost importance.
  • Directs the workflow of other individuals within the organization.
  • Involved in and directs all projects that are viewed as being critical to the origination as a whole.
  • Provide strategic guidance to the CEO.
  • Act as a point of contact between employees, shareholders, and senior management officials.

Educational And Skill Requirements

Based on the fact that the Chief Of Staff plays a pivotal and crucial role in the organization’s ultimate success. The education and skill requirements for this position is fairly extensive. In order for an individual to be eligible for this position they must:

  • Be able to work in a variety of environments and adhere to, strict guidelines pertaining to completing a given task.
  • Have general experience within a related field for a minimum of 8-15 years.
  • Possess a Master’s Degree in Engineering, Mathematics, and Business.
  • Display strong knowledge of the operation of computer systems.
  • Demonstrate superior creativity, leadership, and communicative skills.
  • Have a natural ability to build an effective team.
  • Must partake in a field of study that correlates with the desired type of employer such as studying medicine and science for a clinical health field or politics and diplomacy if the individual wishes to partake in a government position.

Salary Outlook

Even though the educational requirements and employment requirements are extensive, the salary that a typical chief of staff receives justifies this because the job salary for a chief of staff has been steadily increasing since 2000. In general the amount of salary that an individual will receive for this position varies on the field that he/she eventually chooses to partake in. The pay scale of this position ranges from $68K on the lower end of the spectrum and as much as $165K on the higher end of the spectrum. But on average a typical individual can expect to receive as much as $131K on for this position. The main employers for this type of position are all branches of the military, hospitals, retail chain stores, health insurance companies, major companies such as Microsoft, Apple and AOL, financial institutions, research facilities and college institutions.

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