Construction Worker

A construction worker is a laborer who is employed in the construction industry. They are directly engaged in the practical tasks involved in the construction of a structure.

The term construction worker is broadly used to cover many occupations that are directly involved with construction work. This can include occupations like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, equipment operators, drywallers, painters, plasterers, decorators, and pipefitters.

Construction Worker Salary

According to, the average Construction Worker salary in the United States is $37,719 as of July 28, 2021, but the salary range typically falls between $33,519 and $41,881. While this salary isn’t substantial, becoming a skilled laborer can increase pay dramatically.

For example, becoming a skilled drywall finisher, a licensed electrician or plumber, an HVAC technician, or even an interior designer, are all ways that can double or triple your salary.

What Does a Construction Worker Do?

The duties and responsibilities performed by a construction worker vary widely but generally require the following.

  • To reach the construction site on time and ready to work.
  • Load and unload equipment and materials for construction.
  • Raising up and bringing down the scaffoldings.
  • To free the working area from any hindrance or dirt.
  • To mix the materials needed for construction so as to get the right consistency.
  • Working in close coordination with other skilled workers.
  • Preparing forms and areas where concrete has to be poured.
  • Getting involved in all the tasks of hard labor which are indispensable to the completion of the construction project.
  • Putting up various systems that may be needed according to the kind of need such as commercial, industrial or residential.
  • Going through the regulations and policies to make sure that all the provisions pertaining to the construction have been followed and to set the building regulations.
  • Taking proper care of the tools that are used on the site of construction.
  • Supervising and training the new construction workers.
  • Handling lifts and hoists, cranes and like equipment to mobilize the construction material towards the place where it is needed
  • Laboring at altitudes, in inhospitable climate, and enclosed spaces.

How To Become a Construction Worker

There is no clear-cut path for the construction workers with respect to the education required. However, the following points would throw some light on the most fundamental prerequisites.


  • Though there is no entry-level training or educational requirement chalked out for a Construction Worker, but it is important that the Construction Worker holds a high school diploma. This could help the aspirant prepare for various related important aspects which are related to construction work like mechanical drawing, blueprint interpreting and welding, etc.
  • The workers can attain on-the-job training once they are through with the high school diploma. The Construction Workers who are entrusted with dangerous or hazardous tasks are given training on dealing with such tasks before being assigned such work.
  • Some Construction Workers may also receive more sophisticated and formal training ranging from 2 to 4 years. This could be made available by the employer on the job and is called apprenticeship training. The minimum age to be eligible for such training is 18 years.
  • Later on certification in specialized work areas like welding, painting, etc can be attained.

Skills and Abilities

  • Should be physically able, as they may need to work continuously for long hours.
  • Must exercise extreme care when furthering his work to avoid any mishaps
  • Be efficient and quick with the use of his hands dexterity.
  • Must keep up with the latest innovations that could enable him to finish a task sooner than manually.
  • He should have good tolerance.
  • The Construction Worker must be able to communicate well to make sure that the right instructions reach the right destination at the right time.
  • The Construction Worker should be a great team worker and be able to take the team ahead with him.

The possessor of the aforesaid educational and personal dexterity becomes a perfect Construction Worker material.

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Future Career Path

The Construction Workers were holding about 1.2 million jobs in 2008 and the employment numbers are going to go sky-high by a good 20% within a period of 10 years starting from 2008 to 2018.

The increased infrastructural developments necessitated by the Government will be a prominent reason for the said escalation. And also the rise in the demand for structures and buildings from the commercial sector and more housing purposes will give a good fillip to the demand of the Construction Workers.

The prospects for the Construction Workers who possess a rare skill will be good and the same would be the case for the Construction Workers who are ready to relocate for growth in their careers.

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