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Skin care industry is becoming one of the in-demand trades in recent years. More and more customers go to spas in order to have their skin pampered. And with the rise of the skin care and spa industry also comes the demand for more aestheticians. But what exactly is an Aesthetician? These are practitioners who take care of the quality and tone of the skin of their customers. They apply methods which include various skin care procedures such as exfoliation, sloughing of dead skin cells, make up procedures, reduction of fine lines & age spots, as well as providing facial massages. With this, they would need skills such as color analysis, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal, and even facials and makeovers.

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National Average
An Aesthetician’s salary would vary on a lot of factors such as years of experience, whether the work is commission-based or on a regular rate, and many others. According to Payscale (, the average annual salary of a practicing aesthetician with less than 1 year of experience ranges from $13,200 to $32,500. Given the aesthetician is already 10 years in the industry, he or she may earn as much as $58,000 a year. As of January 7, 2014, the gross hourly rate of an aesthetician is roughly around $8.49 to $20.03, not including tips, bonuses as well as other benefits.



Other than working in spas, aestheticians can also practice their craft (but usually in different work settings) in establishments such as hospitals and medical offices. They assist plastic surgeons and dermatologists in performing certain medical tasks such as providing pre-operation and post-operation skin services, referral to medical personnel for more serious skin issues and assisting in administration of medication and treatments.




Another factor which affects the scale of the wage of an aesthetician is the area where he or she would practice his or her skills. Payscale has enumerated in their website some of the states and their respective hourly rates for aestheticians.

As of January 7, 2014, Texas and New York are offering highest average salary where they could earn as much as $59,000 every year. However, it would be more advisable to work in New York as the lowest salary that they could earn in a year would be $29,479 compared to Texas with $17,344. The state which offers the lowest salary for Aestheticians would be Florida where they could earn for as low as $14,844 and the highest salary they could possibly get is just $29,504.

How to become one?

Online schools and training programs for aestheticians:

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