ICU Nurse

The ICU Nurse’s job is not the same as the job of any normal nurse. The ICU Nurse is responsible for continuous monitoring of patients in critical situation whose condition could get severe if not attended timely and properly. The intensive Care Unit is a very important unit of any hospital. The ICU Nurse has to be very cautious and quick when it comes to attending to ICU patients.

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The average salary or an ICU nurse is in 2014 $71,000 according to the site

Main Duties:

  •          Discussing with the doctors about the health related proprieties of the patients.
  •          Counseling the patients on the administered medical procedures.
  •          To ensure the clinical usefulness of the operation room.
  •          Making sure that the medical instruments and equipments are available and fit for use.
  •          The Nurse has to monitor the condition of the patients at frequent intervals.
  •          The nurse should be technically aware of the treatment to be given to the patient.
  •          Should have a hands record of the medical past of the patient.
  •          Has to carefully understand the case of every patient she has been entrusted.
  •          Maintaining the records of the patients and taking care of other documentation procedures involved.


 Education Requirements


The academic qualifications needed.

A registered ICU Nurse should have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or any similar degree of the same level in nursing like the Associate degree in nursing. The bachelor’s degree is a four year long program vis-à-vis the other that takes much shorter period than that.

After the study part, the next step is to obtain a certificate of a Critical Care Nurse given by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. This certification becomes necessary because of the severity of the cases involved in ICU care.

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Skills needed

An ICU Nurse must be patience personified. An ideal ICU Nurse must possess the following abilities.

  •          Patience and dignity, self- confidence
  •          Mental and physical tolerance
  •          Ability to handle liabilities and responsibilities very calmly.
  •          Dedication and Initiative
  •          Good quarrel management ability
  •          Should be a good Team worker
  •          Good administrative skills
  •          Good communication ability
  •          Empathetic
  •          Must be secretive to maintain confidentiality of important issues.


This is the perfect composition constituent of an ideal ICU Nurse.


Career Progression Path


The job of a Nurse is full of stressful hours and demanding duties but the sense of satisfaction given by its pursuance is matchless. The ICU Nurses are able to draw handsome salaries especially in big towns and cities. The ICU nurses can think of more employment generation for them in the forthcoming times. They can find employment at the hospitals, Multi specialty clinics and Trauma Centers. The Nurses who are in possession of the rightful qualifications and skills may think of a very well paying and growing career. With experience, the nurses can widen their chances to get promoted to senior administrative nursing positions.

Online and In Campus Programs

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