Pediatric Oncology Nurse

The level of salary a pediatric oncology nurse can expect to earn per year will be dependent on a couple of factors. The first of which is education. All pediatric oncology nurses are Registered nurses.

Although they can become an RN through a hospital diploma program, a two or four-year college is more typical. The number of years spent in training and education will dictate a salary within the national average range of between $40,000 to $130,000 (

If the nurse working in this field only has their RN license, they can expect to earn on the lower range of the scale. That would be between $30,000 to $57,000 ( If the nurse becomes certified in the field of oncology, then they can expect a starting wage of about $80,000. (

As the levels of educational attainment and experience increase, so will the level of starting salaries.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Education

A pediatric oncology nurse is someone who aids younger patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. They are able to answer intricate questions about care and treatments for both family and the patient. They have the training and expertise to not only administer medical procedures but also to offer the youngest of patients emotional support and care.

The pediatric oncology nurse also collaborates with the various members who offer care to the patients. These individuals include the primary doctors, the oncology specialist, dietitians as well as social service agencies. This process also entails periodic reviews of treatments, maintaining the patient’s daily condition as well as assuring that the best possible outcomes are attained.

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Where they work

The pediatric oncology nurse is most often found in the hospital setting. Although many work in private practice in conjunction with an oncology specialist. They can even be found in general practice offices working alongside a staff of other medical professionals.

The specific expertise and experience of this type of nurse also mean that they will not be confined to working only in hospitals and offices. These individuals can also be found in many social service agencies. They can offer support both emotionally and with connection to programs that can aid families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Differences between States

As with any profession, there are some differences in the level and amount of money that is paid depending on where the individual lives and works. While the state and the demand for nurses will be a huge determinant in the amount one is paid, it appears to be more dependent on whether the individual works in a rural, urban, or suburban setting.

Urban centers tend to pay on the higher end of the scale, with California being one of the best paying states to be a nurse in ( The average annual salary in California is about $90,000, and in Nebraska, it is around $86,000. New York and Florida have starting pay ranges around $55,000 to $60,000 (

The key to obtaining the higher pay ranges appears to be universal across the country. That is, obtaining a higher, more professionalized education and the necessary certificates in the specialization of oncology. This, coupled with ample hands-on experience will net top dollar in the field of oncology nursing.

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