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A nurse practitioner is a person who has completed advanced nursing courses. The major difference between a Registered Nurse and an Advanced Practitioner Nurse (APN) is that APN’s are capable of managing acute and critical conditions. They collaborate with other health professionals and treat the patients. Advanced practitioner nurses can diagnose as well as treat the patients. The international council of nurses define Advanced Nurse practitioner as a person who has achieved an advanced education and training in the filed of nursing with skills such as decision making for expanded practice. When a registered nurse acquires a masters degree in any specific area of specialization along with the above mentioned kills, they qualify as an Advanced Practitioner Nurse.

Nursing Degrees and Programs


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Nurse practitioner job is a very demanding job and hence the pay for the job is pretty much impressive. The average annual pay for Advanced Practitioner Nurse is about $96,000, which is a decent package when compared to the average Registered nurse salary package. These figures indicate only the average annual salary and the salary may be higher or lower depending upon the experience of the Nurse. On a comparative note, the average annual salary of a nurse practitioner is greater than 57% higher than average annual salary of other jobs in the United States.

While the Advanced Practitioner nurses are paid higher than normal registered nurses, the APN’s who have a specialization in Oncology are paid even better. The average annual salary for Nurse practitioner Oncology is about $114,000 while in the Pediatric Oncology field is $80,000. The average annual salary of permanent practitioner nurses are much higher than that of an temporary practitioner nurse and is about $110,000. The Psychiatric nurse practitioner is also an impressive job with an average annual salary of about $100,000. The average annual salary for Advanced practitioner nurses are a bit higher in big cities such as New York, California and Texas etc, while California tops the list with an annual average salary of $99,000.

How to become a nurse practitioner?

Online schools and in campus programs available below:

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List of salaries by State (usd)

Alabama 97000
Alaska 70000
Arizona 79000
Arkansas 98000
California 103000
Colorado 85000
Connecticut 110000
Delaware 89000
Florida 109000
Georgia 59000
Hawaii 59000
Idaho 63000
Illinois 109000
Indiana 92000
Iowa 94000
Kansas 87000
Kentucky 83000
Louisiana 86000
Maine 85000
Maryland 99000
Massachusetts 115000
Michigan 97000
Minnesota 84000
Mississippi 100000
Missouri 94000
Montana 80000
Nebraska 70000
Nevada 73000
New Hampshire 94000
New Jersey 103000
New Mexico 83000
New York 116000
North Carolina 91000
North Dakota 85000
Ohio 92000
Oklahoma 88000
Oregon 93000
Pennsylvania 92000
Rhode Island 87000
South Carolina 94000
South Dakota 72000
Tennessee 89000
Texas 93000
Utah 75000
Vermont 85000
Virginia 96000
Washington 99000
West Virginia 90000
Wisconsin 85000
Wyoming 79000

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